The Ultimate Fetish Project or UFP in short is a syndication of some people having fun with most different fetish and bdsm techniques. We have work experience with transformation to well-behaved sissy maids, also as full rubber dolls, crossdressers, heavy rubber, spanking and torture, wax and breathplay games and of course with many accessoires like gags, dildos, vibrators, hoods, heels and much more.

So we love to present you our video and photo productions and the fun we had producing this. It's a great pleasure to live with these different fetishes.
We are also looking for your ideas to realize and also for applications as model. For a preview of our huge member gallery you can scroll down to see what updates we did in the last time for you.

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Wish you much fun and enjoy our work!
Breathplay Game with Rubber Slave No 5

Rubber Slave No 5 is wrapped and bound to his chair and gets reduced air by the inflatable hood which is finally wrapped also.

Length of video: 7:09 minutes

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The Vacuum Box

Rubberslave No. 5 has the rubber dog hood on his head and get ordered into the new vaccum box, which is very much the same as a vacuum bed but the pressure is all around your body. The slave got locked in and the pump starts sucking the air out of the cube.... an incredible view same as an incredible feeling for owner and slave! That makes him so hot but he is locked safely inside to escape!

Length of video: 4:08 minutes

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The Summer is Hot!

Extremly hot temperatures, a rubber sack made of thick rubber, an inflatable hood with breather, what else do you need to enjoy the summer? The Master has put the slave in a rubber sack while the sun was burning, it was nearly like the rubber was melting... short but HOT!!!

Length of video: 1:21 minutes

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Michelle and Eva Part III

Eva is pulled up to the ceiling and Michelle takes out the whip to whip her tits and pussy. Also she strikes the cane between her legs and over her crotch so Eva is squirming in the bondage and screaming out loudly. When she is released, Michelle rewards her suffering with a long and deep kiss.

Part 3 / 3

Length of video: 5:19 minutes

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Rubber Bitch in the Floor Pillory

The rubber bitch at the Ultimate Fetish Project, tightly secured into the floor pillory, helplessly presenting her rubber ass, silently whimpering and softly moaning. Thats rubber videos we like!

Length of video: 2:28 minutes

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Michelle and Eva Part II

Eva is still bound and tortured by Michelle, her legs are tied together to a post and she has to lick the Mistress\' boots, get clamps on her tongue and has to endure lot of other tortures. But Michelle has still something special left for her...

Part 2 / 3

Length of video: 20:25 minutes

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Fetish Eva playing and punishing the slave, part II

Eva continues to torture her slave, she whips his foot soles, she whips this ass, she licks and torture his nipples while his arms are bound behind his back and his cock and balls are tied. He surrenders helplessly and is just jerking when Eva rubs and strokes his cock while she is pinching his nipples. He can\'t resist too long before he is cumming and spraying his sperm all over his belly...

Part 2 / 2

Length of video: 16:54 minutes

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Michelle and Eva Part I

Eva is making her first experiences with Michelle. And she is learning to enjoy a hanging bondage, the cane and a wax torture, which brings her close to her borders.

Part 1 / 3

Length of video: 23:07 minutes

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Fetish Eva playing and punishing the slave, part I

Fetish Eva was visiting Ultimate Fetish Project and she had the great opportunity to punish a willing subject of a slave. She used it very much and had a lot of fun as she is scratching his back with her fingernails and pinching and twisting his nipples. She uses heavy duct tape to secure his arms behind the body and shut up his mouth. And when his cock is well bondaged she torture his foot sole with the crotch until he can only whimper...

Part 1 / 2

Length of video: 24:39 minutes

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Masturbating Slave Girl

Sitting on the chair slave girl Elena wears a full rubber mask with small breathing tubes only. Her body is clad in latex and a corset is thightly laced around her waist. This situation makes her horny and she reaches out for the red and shiny vibrator. Her fingers run over her latexy body and she pushes the vibrator between her legs and enjoy the soft vibrating. She enjoys this play even more and starts to get even hotter...

Length of video: 5:29 minutes

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